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My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

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New School?! Extra credit (EC)

College, my very first day on a real campus brought excitement throughout my body. I attended Pasco Hernando state college(PHSC) but that School was in the middle of Hickory Dickory territory and I was surrounded by trees and cows. Barf! My mom said I had to transfer schools because the one I was currently enrolled […]

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Missed my first day! (EC)

I can not believe I am missing my first day of school! I got lost seven times because the highway is dumb and confusing. Like who selfishly designed all the exit on the right side? They should be more sporadic! Did you know you can’t make a U-turn? Learned that the hard way. Arriving 20 […]

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With my music pumping I read street signs in hopes to figure out were tf I am. Confused and lost I slam my brakes when I hear shrilling. Oops! I totally almost killed this guy. Which would have been ironic considering I was blasting Kesha – die young. I wasn’t very fond of Ybor streets. […]

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I’m parking here PERIOD! (EC)

There was a tiny parking lot next to the student services building that was located right in the middle of everything. I desperately needed to find a parking spot here. At this point, I wasn’t even considering attending classes. Of course, the lot was full with the exception of one space that had an orange […]

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I got a ticket?! I ran back to the box office and waved my ticket frantically in front of the man’s face. “Sir they gave me a ticket!” Keeping his eyes focused on his papers he didn’t even acknowledge my presence. “Were you parked where you weren’t supposed to be?” I batted my eyelashes and […]

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Astrid (EC)

God bless this child, she’s the only reason I get here in one piece. Astrid is my best friend in school who conveniently has all the same classes at me and lives in New Tampa. I didn’t notice her because she sat next to me, I noticed her because she was pretty. I love pretty […]

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Britney (EC)

Girl if it wasn’t for you I would have failed this class. Professor will talk for long periods of time which causes my mind to drift off. I typically zone back in when I hear everybody tapping on computers. That’s when I panic. Looking over to Astrid to see if she knows what’s going on, […]

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