There is Always Good in the Bad pt.4

Have you noticed how creative everybody suddenly is? Being forced to stay at home, people have decided to type into their artistic side. While jogging I see the different chalk patterns bursting with color on every sidewalk square. I can smell the paint on the canvases and notebooks that neighbors are sharing with each other. […]

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I Can Not Wait to be Rich!

I cannot wait to be rich! Even though I will be making all this money I’m still going to act like I’m broke. Not that I have a choice. How can I spend my money if I’m always working? This is exactly why I decided that doing school full-time and having two jobs was the […]

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What is the Purpose?

Going to school full-time, working at Bank of America part-time, and working the grave shift at Hard Rock part-time will be a difficult situation. Having so much to accomplish in such little time will make life difficult and more challenging than it needs to be. Determined to excel I have started doing all of my […]

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A Road of Majority

2020 I decided it was time to make some serious changes. Although I already think I’m amazing LOL, I believe it is time for me to go on a road of maturity. The best way to become more mature is to surround yourself with those who have reached maturity. In my opinion, maturity is just […]

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Hard Rock Hustle

It’s time to make money moves and if I’m getting paid off of my personality, consider me rich. Instead of getting a fat check form a smarty-pants job that requires way too much work and brains, I decided to get one off my looks. Shallow as it may sound, this plan is strictly strategic. Working […]

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