There is Always Good in the Bad pt.5

It is so important for individuals to know who they are outside of what’s expected of them. The virus has given us time to self reflect and discover. The next time you hear one complaint about the corona virus and all the horrible things it’s doing in the world. Think about the positive. We already live in a society that’s corrupted, instead of giving in to the negative, take a new approach. Be optimistic and analyze the good things that are happening. I know it might seem hard because bad things are always easier to spot. But I believe that everything happens for a reason and maybe the reason for corona is to connect us. Show the humans what we have forgotten as time passed, each other. Remember that with the bad there is always good, you just have to be clever enough to see it. That wraps up all the positive things this negative virus has to offer.

One thought on “There is Always Good in the Bad pt.5

  1. Hey Mimi! I really like this post of yours concerning the virus. We do have to stay happy through these tough times and, I know that if we come together we can do it! Hope that you are safe as well as your friends and family! Thanks for sharing!!


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