There is Always Good in the Bad pt.4

Have you noticed how creative everybody suddenly is? Being forced to stay at home, people have decided to type into their artistic side. While jogging I see the different chalk patterns bursting with color on every sidewalk square. I can smell the paint on the canvases and notebooks that neighbors are sharing with each other. I can taste the refreshing lemonade that the children started selling just for the sake of something to do. I can hear the preteens laughing as they push each other into the lake and touch… Well, I can’t touch anything since everyone is paranoid if you come anything closer than 6 feet to them. The point is this virus gives people a chance to explore who they are outside of the norm. What is it one likes to do that’s completely unrelated to being a student, parent, employee, boss, etc. Free time open minds+schedule into pursuing things they’ve never considered doing before. I remember I used to love writing. Journals, songs, poetry, books you name it! Because I was so busy with my two jobs and being a full-time student that passion kind of slipped through my fingers without me even realizing. Now I can write away letting my thoughts explore topics completely unrelated to my typical routine.

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