Walmart, save money live better or die unexpectedly?

Three people are dead after a shooting in the Walmart Parking lot in Duncan Oklahoma. According to the Duncan police, two of the victims were inside of a vehicle and shot to their death. One can only imagine the horror of seeing a crime scene after getting groceries. People were completely frantic and didn’t know if they were still safe. Luckily the officers responded abruptly and assured everyone the shooter would be causing any more problems. A handgun was found at the scene and one of the victims was confirmed to be a shooter. With a twist, the killer killed himself along with two other people, but why? With motive still unknown Oklahoma remains alert so that another tragedy like this will not occur again. putting a dent in Walmart’s reputation might take a while for them to recover the customer’s trust. Even though it has nothing to do with the shopping center itself people will avoid that location because of what happened. The shooter is dead, but people are paranoid. Hopefully, Walmart can regain its consumer’s trust and extra protection provided by law enforcement will get things back to normal.

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