Hyperlocal News

Gathering information on hyperlocal news, one will learn what it is, is it profitable, and what is its main focus. According to medium.com, “Hyperlocal is information-oriented around a well-defined community with its primary focus directed towards the concern of the population in that community.” The point of hyperlocal news is to inform the locals about activities and events happening around them. Summaries by thoughtco.com. Whether it is tragic or playful it only applies to a certain audience. This form of news isn’t very popular because it is selective. Whether it be on a neighborhood or church, it wouldn’t matter to one who doesn’t live there or attend. It is not profitable to work in this field because no one would care unless it concerns them. An article on Chicagobusiness.com titled, “why can’t anyone make money in hyperlocal news,” highlights of the previous points. In conclusion, hyperlocal news is a good place to start but don’t get trapped there if you’re serious about being a journalist.

One thought on “Hyperlocal News

  1. Hey Mimi!
    I liked how you included what “the point of hyperlocal news is” because, not that many people know what it is. Your quotes ties into your blog very well and, I also liked how they both can relate to a large group of people within America for instance. Great job on your blog 8 I really truly enjoyed reading it, thanks for sharing!!


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