Clyde Butcher

Clyde Butcher is a undeniably talented photographer that captures nature at its best. Dedicated to his work, he will wait hours in hot, uncomfortable, dangerous, and damp conditions to get the picture he desires. The memorizing black and white canvases that hang on these walls are living proof of the challenges that this man has conquered. A common question one might ask Mr. Butcher is why his paintings majority of his paintings are colorless? Inspired by Ansel Adams exhibit at Yosemite national park in 1963, he decided to take these kind of photos for his own. He even sold them at art festivals making minimum profit. Although his photos are gray Mr. Butcher is anything but dull. There was even a period of time where he had vivid artworks bursting with colors, but now that he focuses on his signature black and white. This man truly inspires photographers and is a crafty man to do my photo journalism paper on.

2 thoughts on “Clyde Butcher

  1. I also did my story on Clyde Butcher! His gallery was so interesting and I love his photography. There’s something about his black and white photos that are soothing to the eye. He is definitely worth writing a blog post about.


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