My Little Muse Q&A Summarized

The following is the Q&A interview with Tonya Flacks. When asked why she didn’t use her dancing money to pay for school? She responded, going to school took up time, the time she could use shaking her ass and making more money. She dropped out in the first place because she couldn’t afford it and didn’t want to use the money she got now to pay for it. Her baby motivated her simply by looking into her eyes and when she found out “juicy Jamall” had no money she knew she had to make a life change. She got the job as a receptionist from her connection with a member of the club. Her school adviser Ms. Coleman helped her out because she admired her dedication. her daughter Naomi says, that she wouldn’t have been the woman she is today if it wasn’t for her mother’s life change. The lesson one should get from the story is do not give up just because things get hard. Even though she was skeptical of the man’s job, Miss. Flacks went for it and ended up successful in the long run. When I asked if she was ashamed of her old job she said no, explaining she simply did what she had to do. Tonya Flacks was a very inspirational woman and her story motivates me knowing that anything is possible.

One thought on “My Little Muse Q&A Summarized

  1. Hello Mimi, interesting story. Sometimes you really do have to make a sacrifice to get through life or a very undeserving time period. There are many miraculous stories out there of people whose lives turned around because of a decision they made, good or bad.


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