Tonya Flack’s Interview Preparation

Although Oprah was my first choice, my neighbor, Tonya Flacks was a distant second. With her extremely entertaining story about how her past made her future, she told me how her daughter Naomi is the reason she turned her life around. Constantly stating how we were similar I decided to ask why and got the pleasing story of how a stripper became a receptionist. I prepared for this interview by bribing Ms. Flacks to give me an hour of her time. Once we settled that my payment would be a pack of Oreo’s, I started listing questions on my adorable champagne pink notepad. I wanted them to be interesting so that people would actually care about my article and not fall asleep. Little did I know how interesting Ms. Flacks was! The greatest challenge I had interviewing was her impatience. Although I only requested an hour she kept complaining about how I was making her miss the newest episode of Real Housewives. Sick of her bantering I decided to watch the episode with her and completed my interview after. Other than that this experience was a thrill and very amusing for me.

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