Hello beautiful people! My name is Mimi and here’s a little information about me. My name is actually Michaella (Me-K-la) not MA-kayla. Though I am dramatic, I am not about the drama. I attempt to live every day as peacefully as possible conquering challenges spiked my way. I enjoy competition and love a good debate. I like to think of myself as an out going person that always has something to say and if talking where a career I’d be the CEO (Chatty Extrovert Oh-la-la). Meeting new people is one of my favorite things to do. The diversity around me + clashing personalities and backgrounds of others just make my world more appealing. Though every day has its struggles I focus on what I can succeed in. I do this by having fun, being myself and engaging in activities that inspire me. Yes, I can be a little intimidating at times but do not let it get to you, it’s just my boisterous personality. I promise I am a friend, not enemy, although my bluntness might contradict that. I believe in uplifting others around me and instilling confidence in those who lack it. But that does not mean I won’t give it to you straight! So that’s me, Mimi!

5 thoughts on “BL😍G 💋NE!

  1. hey mimi! enjoyed reading about you and the type of personality you have! i also enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them, this makes life more bearable and fun. never stop in trying to succeed in what you want to accomplish .


    1. Wow Mimi! It’s amazing how you are fearless to be who you are. Very inspiring. With the goals and drive you currently have, you will go far in life. Keep on being you and chasing your goals.


  2. I appreciate the vulnerability and putting yourself out there. I also consider myself an open book, whereas some people prefer to keep many things private or bottled up, I share things with everyone. I enjoy meeting fellow extroverts, we have a gift of lighting up a room at times which I find quite valuable. It’s great to be able to relate in the fact that we also both love meeting new people! I almost consider it a favorite pastime of mine. Recognizing diversity and the uniqueness in our world is vital for progressing society forward and I think it’s great for you to highlight that. Lastly, overall I enjoy the direct tone of your first blog, can appreciate and relate to this idea of “uplifting others around us and instilling confidence” in those who may need a little extra push!


  3. Hey Mimi!! You have such an amazing personality and, I liked your word choice. I also personally love to “uplift” other people when they are having a bad day. I hope that you reach your dreams and, I hope that you do well in this class. Me personally it is very hard to meet new people but I am slowly breaking out of my shell day by day.


  4. Hey Mimi! You have such a great personality and I liked when you were talking about “uplifting” people. I hope that you succeed well in this course and be the best that you can be. I myself try to be more out there in the world and making new friends. Very nice meeting you so far!


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